servers, music, money

I’m still here…the last entry was me rearranging and consolidating servers. That project is done now, and we’re saving $50/month as a result! Pretty exciting. Combine that with the $20/month we’re saving by using rather than paying for a dialup account when we travel…and we’re saving $70/month on internet access and hosting.

Um. We’re making some moves with the business. It’s about time. Right now, we’re in Oakland at the Homewood suites because we have meetings with clients tomorrow about us doing more work (I hope). Wish us luck.

I’m working on a cd of songs about Texas/Truckin. The cd will be called “Songs I Learned in Texas”. It’s gonna be hot.

Still practicing piano lots and loving it. I’ve also started saving for a sax. I figure if I had started putting away the money I was spending on cigs back when I quit, I’d have a sax now. But I didn’t and I don’t. I will, though.

Anyway, this entry seems to be all about money. That’s too bad. I’ll try to be more interesting to myself next time I write here.