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updated 7/8/24

Guitar: After finding out that I’ve been doing finger picking all wrong and having to go back to basics, I’m starting to feel a bit better about guitar again. I’m learning some easy songs this week to boost my confidence. One thing I’m having fun with is interpreting some of my favorite punk songs as bluesy folk songs.

Writing and books: Coding with AI For Dummies is a great book, and still has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon! Even if you don’t plan on using AI to code, the reality is that it’s not going away. Every professional programmer needs to learn what’s possible, even if only to learn to detect and know the risks of AI-generated code.

Music For Losers: My new novel is available now! It’s the partially true story of an anarchist, an industrialist, and a chimp who go on adventures, solve mysteries, and are responsible for one of the most important events in early 20th-century American history.

If you like strange stories about clowns, circuses, and circus business, you should read my previous novel, Pickled Punk.

Teaching: I’m in the middle of a 6-week teaching marathon, after which I’m hoping to do some writing work.