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updated 6/7/24

Guitar: I decided against getting a travel guitar, for now. I’d prefer not to travel, and as it turned out, the person we were visiting last week has a guitar and I practiced with that.

I joined the EV revolution: After my F250 broke down, I broke down and got a used Chevy Bolt EV. I love it! I got the truck fixed…everything that it needed was stuff I’ll never need to worry about with the Bolt (spark plugs! hahaha). But, I drive the Bolt exclusively now. The furthest I ever have to drive is to the airport (about 100 miles), and I can get there and back on a single charge. Plus, my closest public charger (2 blocks from home) is right outside our favorite bar. The 2nd closest charger is outside the pool where I swim. I’d been wanting to get an EV but was a little scared. If you have any desire at all to go electric, you should do it too!

Writing and books: I think Coding with AI For Dummies is a great book, but I’ve heard very little feedback from readers on it yet. This is the frustrating part of spending six months of my life on a book project. If you’ve purchased it or I sent you a copy, please leave a review or email me to let me know what you think!  https://amzn.to/3PALvCg

Music For Losers: My new novel is also available now! It’s the partially true story of an anarchist, an industrialist, and a chimp who go on adventures, solve mysteries, and are responsible for one of the most important events in early 20th century American history.

Teaching: I’m on a short break, then I jump back into it with 6 more weeks of teaching all the stuff.