Wednesday is Suit Day

Strange things are afoot at Minnick Web Services.

I came to the office slightly better dressed than normal today to try to cover up my hangover from Sunday night’s festivities. Basically, instead of wearing jeans and a dress shirt, I threw on a sportscoat and went for the whole “tech company executive” look. At our monday morning meeting (MMM), I got a couple compliments and questions about the jacket. Next thing I knew, someone suggested that we have a “suit day”, and I blurted out that it should be Wednesday. And so it is.

If you’ve ever been to our office, you’ll understand how strange “suit day” will be. I’m actually excited about it, and it seems like everyone else is too. Could it be that everyone is burned out on new economy office “fun” ideas like loud music, strange lighting, sleepover-casual dress code and free moutain dew? This has got me thinking about what other “outdated” business standards might present the next kick for our post-dot-com office….suggestions?