going to NY, movie-making, and recording

I’m working on a new Gunrack album. The new one will be very different from the original recordings. Much more mature….but still immature. One of the tracks, Bucket Head, has already been recorded and is posted at Mp3.com. Expect it the full album to be released sometime this summer.
Also, Margaret and I have a camera checked out of ACAC for the weekend of May 12, and we’re hoping to shoot enough footage for at least a couple cable shows. Stay tuned for an update on that too.

We’re going to NYC this week to meet with clients and go to the transformmag.com party. Vince has a friend who is a writer for Conan O’Brien, and he got us tickets to the show. So, we’ll be doing that too. That’s all for now. Peace and we outta here.