Our house is for sale as of Feb. 1. We’re excited to be moving the process forward, but at the same time, we’ve just started to feel like we’re a little bit connected to this house and to Austin. We have friends here now, and we really didn’t when we first started thinking about moving. We’ll be sad to leave, but we’ll be happy to get back to Cali…we really don’t belong in Texas. We watched Deliverance the other day. The trailer (it’s on the DVD) starts with something like “Four men from the suburbs decide to go canoeing out in the sticks.” I couldn’t help seeing the parallel with our story– “Two yankees suddenly decide that it would be fun to live in Texas”. Anyway…not to put down Texas, but–actually, yes–to put down Texas. I don’t need to make excuses. I’ll be glad happy to get out the confederacy.

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