RIP Colin

October was a terrible month. The big reason was a death in the family–my brother’s son, Colin. He was a great kid. Only 6. I was just starting to feel like I knew him.

November is promising to be better, but it’s still clouded by October. The recording project with David is coming along nicely, the SEELAND records/Negativland people are very impressed with the tracks as they are now. Margaret and I got a piano, and I’m obsessed with practicing. What am I really obsessed with? I guess it’s just obsession with proving that I can be good at something. I spend a huge amount of time thinking about becoming famous. I should see a shrink about that or something. Other people don’t seem to have this obsession. Other people seem to just do what they like.

Anyway, I’m in a funk and practicing piano is helping. Margaret is taking lessons now! Mr. Jones loves it when we play. Piano and getting in shape are the two things that are occupying the biggest parts of my brain right now. I’ve even stopped worrying so much about the business.