walk in the woods

steps yesterday: around 15000
listening to: Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson moves back to the states after being in Europe for long time. He discovers that his New Hampshire (I think) home is near the Appalachian Trail, which winds along the east coast for about 2150 miles from Georgia to Maine. He decides to hike it.

Gets a lot of books and equipment. Reads about bear attacks. One particularly interesting bear fact is that they really like snickers bars. The whole bear and solitude thing causes him to rethink embarking on the journey alone.

His old friend calls him and wants to go along. Bill is happy about this. When the old friend arrives, however, he’s fat and need to eat every hour or he’ll go into seisures (as a result of some bad drugs he took at some point). The friend’s solution to the conumdrum of being in the woods and requiring regular sweets: he’s brought along a duffel bag full of snickers bars.

And that’s where I’m at right now. Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk. I’m already thinking about my next book/tapes: they have John Muir’s book on tape at the library. What if I become a real nature-lover? Scary thought.