Announcing the Sursiks

It’s one day old and the debut release by The Sursiks is a huge hit!

The record label my brother, David Minnick, and I created to facilitate the release and distribution of our own music released David’s latest CD, The Sursiks: I Didn’t Know I Was Singing, yesterday to incredibly good reviews. CDBaby loved it so much they’re going to feature it on their homepage next Tuesday, and they gave it the following incredibly good review:

For entertainment value alone, this album is worth mentioning. It’s one of those novelty albums you need to play at a party to impress your friends, new and old. But that’s not where this album ends- not even close. The concept of taking answering machine messages and turning them into music is only the first level of playful ingenuity in “I Didn’t Know I Was Singing.” Beyond that idea kernel, The Sursiks play with and tweak each message in a unique way, whether by breaking them down rhythmically or melodically or inferring genre styles and emotional qualities as diverse as hip hop rock to folk to jazz to funky R&B. Each message-turned-song is so cleverly woven that it brings to mind the notable contemporary classical composer, Steve Reich, and his work “Different Trains” which beautifully demonstrates the great musical potential of human speech. The Sursiks, with a similar end in sight, give us yet another way to appreciate this phenomenon with humor and fun.

You can find out more about The Sursiks at, and you can request to be notified when the CD is back in stock (which will be early next week) at

While you’re waiting to get your hands on a copy of I Didn’t Know I Was Singing, check out Oven Mitt Johnson’s 2005 release, Hot Guitar!