Grapefruit Wine Info and Update

Here’s my post about the fabulous Grapefruit wine over there at the Bad Astronauts Winery blog:

Grapefruit Wine!

Since I wrote that post, the initial work was done to peel the fruit, we trucked the juice to Revolution Winery in downtown Sacramento, and it’s been fermenting nicely (but slowly because of the cold) since then. The next step will happen Thursday, when we separate the fruit and the juice and continue fermenting the juice in 15 gallon kegs. I tasted it today and it still has a lot of sugar, but is definately tasting like grapefruit wine.

I think it will be very good with Asian food.

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  1. George Vierra says:

    A friend recently brought me a bottle of your grapefruit wine. I teach in the dept. of Viticulture & Winery Technology at Napa Valley College. In my Basic Enology class I teach how wines are made from Vitis vinifera. I would like to let my classes taste your wines and learn production methods. Do you have a winemaking protocol for grapefruit? List of equipment? Flowcharts? Thank you.

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