Help! I’m running out of ideas!

It turns out that writing a weekly article is difficult….mostly just because I have to keep coming up with new stuff–even when everyone in the world is visiting, I have a million appointments, and I’m furiously working to get the winery insulated and fully functional before the hot weather arrives (I’ll post pictures soon!).

So, I thought I’d list the things I’ve already written about and see if any of you can suggest some topics I’ve yet to explore. I try to write articles that might make someone mad and that aren’t overly technical. I also don’t like to talk about politics. Here are some of the topics I’ve covered already:

* Religion and the Internet

* Porn and the Internet

* Gambling and the Internet

* Drinking and the Internet

* Parental Control Software (and the Internet)

* Plagiarism and the Internet

* The Semantic Web

* Single sign-on

If you have any ideas, please let me know. If your idea also turns out to be easy to write about, you’ll be my hero and I’ll write another article all about how great you are.