How I Plan to Sell One Book Per Week

I’ve decided to pull out all the stops and sell one copy of my novel per week. I realize that this may sound like a completely unrealistic and “pie in the sky” sort of a goal, but I’ve never been one to back away from the difficult things. It’s like JFK said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

Selling one book per week means that I have to write several thousand words of blog articles per week, I have to tweet daily, I have to do readings and hand out flyers and postcards at coffee shops, and I need to make sure to always have copies of my book with me in case I meet someone who might be interested in it but doesn’t buy from Amazon.

On a more basic level, selling one book per week means that I have to get rid of my fear of self-promotion that has held me back and kept me from actively encouraging people to buy things I do. In order to get over this, I have to be even more convinced than ever before that the things I’m doing are good and that I’m not just asking for charity when I encourage someone to read my stuff.

I’m willing to sacrifice my nights and weekends to sell a book per week. And, if I happen to sell a book at the beginning of the week, I’m going to immediately get to work on preparing to sell a book during the next week!

One book per week means that I’ll earn at least $52 from my novel over the course of a year. Over 10 years, $520. Over 100 years, $5200. You can see where this is going, right? If I’m patient enough and keep on selling one book per week, I can sell just as many books as anyone! The Da Vinci Code sold 80 million copies. At 1 book per week, I’ll only need 1.5 million years to sell that many.

But, I’m not satisfied to just sell 80 million books over the next 1.5 million years. I’ve found a loophole that will allow me to sell even more books than that during that same amount of time! Stay tuned for my next blog post to find out my secret strategy!