places to eat in Austin

I’m making a list of places to eat in Austin that are not overrun with children….places where two adults can go to eat and actually hear each other talking…places where you don’t have to listen to Joe Bob at the next table tell his daughter to “shut up” (like we did last night at Kerby Lane).

Anyway, many of these places are a little more expensive than Chuy’s or other “massive quantities of cheap food to make your children stuff their faces with chips and salsa and hopefully fall asleep” places. But, if you don’t have kids, you can afford it. Enjoy yourself. Eat good food in a QUIET place!

So, here’s the list so far:

1. Dave and Busters…AFTER 10 (11 during the summer). They actually kick the kids out. It’s really a beautiful sight. And, things get so much more pleasant after they’re gone!

2. Cool River Cafe…this place is a meat market for single people who fancy themselves to be fancy. But, if you can put up with those people, you can play pool and eat some good food…without kids around (too expensive for mom and pop to show up in the minivan with lil’ Travis, Jebb and Ashley.)

3. Koreana. Good Korean food and sushi. Nice, quiet, atmosphere.

4. Manuel’s. Kids occasionally get in here, but they seem really out of place. A great alternative to the aforementioned Chuy’s.

4. Iron Cactus. So much Tequila, you’ll go nuts! Atmosphere is certainly not kid-friendly..much too clean for that.

More to come!