today’s links:
1. Totally Useless – Because the whole freakin web is turning into one big totally useless dot com
2. Useless Site of the Week
Curiously enough, these two sites define uselessness very differently. The second one is much more of a corporate monkey’s definition of useless…the type of thing that calls The Dark Side of the Scooby Doo Gang useless (I disagree), but fails to mention useless dot-coms. The editors of both sites understand the independant publishing nature of the web…but I think Totally Useless understands better (and I don’t think it’s secretly owned by some corporation that has an interest in shutting up people who are exposing the dark side of Scooby). I prefer totally useless because of its definition of useless.


  1. Fortunes says:

    Hi, while I followed the link from to your blog, I wonder about the meaning of your comment: “Because the whole freakin web is turning into one big totally useless dot com” ?- was it a compliment or the opposite? 🙂

  2. chris says:

    this post is from 6 years ago. Totally Useless is a totally different site now. At the time, the quote you ask about was their tagline and it was a site that featured links to goofy stuff on the internet. In a way, it was a precursor to digg. everything is this post is probably horribly out of date today.

  3. Fortunes says:

    Hi Chris and thank you for pointing to me the date of the post 😉 – as now I feel so embarrassed for not checking the date, and though it was a new one 😉 And thank you too for the link. When I purchased the domain name about 13, or 14 months ago, I never bothered to find out what type of site was totally-useless before, while I should have.

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