what’s up with Sac-town?

We had a meeting in San Francisco last week, then spent the weekend in Sacramento (aka Sacatomatos). Nice town. Quiet. Not even close to Austin in hussel-bussel-ness(sp?). But, that could be ok. It makes lots of sense for us to be in California. Sac is the perfect place to live for cool short road trips. There are great old neighborhoods that remind me of the mid-west…maybe some Chicago hoods. I’m thinking they probably have tons of Karaoke contests in Reno. I’ve got to do that some time. Sac seems like the kind of place where we could be hotshots without devoting our lives to being hot shots…where we could invent our own scene and maybe get some attention (which is really what it’s about for me). I’d like to start a bowling alley. Ask me again in 5 years.