wtf? we gotta get outta this place

Well, today is as good a day as any to write something here. Events in NYC and D.C. have us seriously freaked out. Our desire to get out of Texas just increased about 10-fold. I guess being in the middle of nowhere, and a nowhere like texas at that, and not really having anyone around during a time like this has got us feeling very anxious to get away. It’s also got us thinking about how fragile our situation really is. We’re thankful that we don’t live in a big city, or go to work in a big building, and that we have each other for support. Flying is out of the question for me and Margaret for a while.

Last weekend, however, we did fly. We went to Sacramento for the weekend, then to SF for meetings. Met with a realtor and looked (in a not-ready-to-purchase) way at houses. Out of 6 houses, we liked 5. Sacramento seemed much more friendly and homey during this visit. That was nice. There are people in Austin I would miss…but all things considered, this isn’t where we belong.

I wonder if anyone reads this besides me. I really don’t write often enough to keep any sort of audience interested.