Not much happening. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about crispy-ness. Imagine how different the world would be without crispy-ness. It’s shocking, really. I wonder if there are people anywhere who go through their entire lives not knowing crispy-ness. What is that like? If such people exist, their experieces ought to be documented–quickly.

Margaret and I are making an effort to talk about things we like. (this is not related to the mass hysteria/brainwash currently sweeping the nation that is making people suddenly very happy with “Dubya”–who I still don’t think is capable of running a lemonade stand in Texas, much less this country…be afraid). Despite how it might seem on Motel sometimes, there are lots of things that I like and that Margaret likes. Crispy-ness is one example. Bowling, family, dependable friends with their priorities straight are another (1,2).

We ended up buying a video camera with our republican bribe check. I’m finally getting a chance to make the movie I wrote 10 years ago…although it’s completely different from then. Maybe in a better way. I’ll be posting movies here as they get done.