what happened to the future?

sigh. I’ve let nearly a month slip by without posting anything again. I’m making an effort not to think, talk, or read about politics for a while. I’m conflicted as to whether that’s a good thing to do or a bad thing…here’s my thinking: There’s really nothing I can do except make damn sure to vote and encourage people I know to vote. Living in Texas has got me feeling like I’m trapped in a world of morons (apologies to anyone I know who might be reading…you’re not a moron). Am I in the minority in thinking and caring about things that are happening outside of my living room? Where has long-term thinking gone? Does no one else see that EVERYONE has a stupid excuse for why its OK for them to drive an SUV?

2000 was supposed to be the year of Robots in our houses. 2001 was supposed to be the year of a manned (and womaned) mission to Jupiter. What do we have instead? A (p)resident who’se advocating that we use more coal, a scary rise of nationalism, everyone taking advantage of a horrible crime (terrorist attacks) to make a buck and/or justify racist thinking and state-sponsored religion. Everyone’s getting poorer except the really really rich people who are running the show. And, I’ve started smoking again! WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUTURE I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO?

So, what can we do to keep from sinking into big depression? I’m eating, buying toys, smoking, and drinking. I don’t think these are the right things to be doing. Constructive action is necessary. Stand by…