new CDs, party, N.O.

I got a few new CDs with gift certificates that I got for my birthday:
The Legendary Marvin Pontiac. Pure genius.
The Wipeouters. Also amazing.

I’m noticing now that there’s a connection between these two selections, that also hooks up with the events of last weekend in a wierd way. I won’t spell it out, but if you understand, that’s good for you and you’ve gained about as much insite into the depths of my mind as I have.

Saturday (Nov. 3) was my 30th birthday! The weekend before, we had a party–complete with Karaoke machine and a man in an Ape suit with a Tu-tu. It was great. Certain dependable and good friends stuck around after the food was gone and the party really took off…everyone who was left (around 10 people) was singing at one point or another and there was way more than enough beer for all (we still have plenty left over).

Then, Margaret took me to New Orleans last weekend for my real birthday. That was also excellent. We took a riverboat tour/cruise, saw Galapagos 3D at the IMAX, drank lots, hung out at Coops Place (my new favorite place), sat by the pool, were annoyed by several employees of the hotel (who were clearly taking the whole “french” thing too far), and just generally had a good time. I love Margaret like crazy.

I also had my palm read, and Margaret and I both had our “cards” read. Both of these experieces reconfirmed my dis-belief in superstitious mumbo-jumbo. Only a small number of the things that either one said could remotely be considered to be accurate. Strangely, though, the card reading lady (I didn’t say Taro, because I don’t know how to spell it) kept saying that I’m searching for who I am…blah blah…which does seem to be an ongoing theme in my life. I don’t read too much into it…I’m still young–of course I have issues with wondering what I’m supposed to be doing and who I am. That’s nothing new. What I really want is to remake myself into something completely different (at least on the outside) every 6 months or so.

Turning 30 was great, and I’m very happy about it. I want to list all the people who I want to thank for making my birthday so good, but out of respect for their privacy I’ll refrain. Like I said before, no one reads this anyway. If you are reading this, you’re probably on the list I was going to make. Thanks!