Grapefruit Wine Day!

This Saturday is Grapefruit wine day!

Here’s what we need to get done (hopefully):

1: Grapefruit wine

  • Wash, peel, and segment about 100 grapefruit(s?) and put it all in big straining bags
  • Wash and sanitize winemaking equipment
  • Run tests on the grapefruit juice (more on this later)
  • Mix water and sugar in primary fermenter, lower in bags of grapefruit
  • Crush campden tablets and add them (to stun the wild yeast and kill other possibly bad things)
  • Bring the fermenter inside the house to warm up overnight (before adding yeast)

2: Limoncello

We’re going to make some Limoncello with Lemons, Citron, and Grapefruit. We’ll make three separate bottles, then try blending them later when they’re done.

3: Rack the Cab

If we have time and enough help, we’ll rack the 07 Cab into a new barrel, then wash out the old one

4: Eat/Drink/Party