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My New Column: Web 8.0

I’m pleased to announce that I now have motivation to write something coherent on a regular basis. As of last week, I’m writing an approximately weekly column titled “Web 8.0” for Waterside Syndication. Here’s the marketing blurb about it:

Chris Minnick discusses the future of the Internet with his unique brand of humor and insight. See his predictions for Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond.

I’m excited about the possibilities for this column and I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to turn what was originally a joke (Web 8.0) into something “legitimate”. I’ll be reprinting my columns here, but you can also read them on the Waterside site, and hopefully in many other places soon.

I’m #1, but I’m not!

Here’s something that’s been irritating me: ever since I discovered that a colleague/client of mine has a blog dedicated to making him the #1 search result for his name on Google, I’ve started to worry about how I’m not the #1 search result for “Chris Minnick”. To add insult to injury, the #1 result is completely devoid of content.

I’m shallow, I know. But, now I’m obsessed. 23 of the first 25 results are me….why can’t I just have one more?

Me? Overextended? Nah.

I’ve been an insane ball of energy lately. I’m reading about 20 books and 10-20 magazines now, I’m learning 2 different programming language, making wine, planning events and more events, blogging and updating a lot of personal sites, running a growing business and a couple fun businesses, taking golf lessons, planning to start making cheese, swimming, practicing chess, trying to get a band together, trying to learn guitar, and some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.

I often enjoy having a million things going on. I’ve been trying to move at least one thing measurably forward per day. This isn’t always easy, especially with things like learning guitar where measuring progress is sometimes very difficult from day to day. But, that’s my strategy.

Lately I’m a bit worried that I’m not paying enough attention to my health, though. So, that’s the thing I’m starting to think about now. Now, here’s the big catch…I think I’d be healthier and less stressed if I worked just as hard as I do now, but on a lot fewer things. Is there anyone out there in blog-reading land who has gone from being a scatterbrain to being a focused person and found it less stressful? Can it be done?

too much to do

Need to focus. I have too many projects going on right now. Don’t believe me? Check out my list:

Gunrack CD (design case, print things, try to distribute)
Buck-o CD (record songs, make cd, try to distribute)
Mudflap (write songs, record)
Gangster Fun documentary project
Chris Minnick videos archiving project
Sacramento Indymedia (help get it up and running)
Green Party (do stuff I’m supposed to do as their co-webmaster)
Sacramento Theater research (I want to know about the old movie palaces in the area, and about opening a theater, I’m also making a mini-site about this)
180 Gs CD (work with david and Negland to get this done) (keep making the site better and updating)
Small Car Driving radio (do regular broadcasts)
New film (write one and film it)
find ways to quiet our office (silent PCs, better desks with soundproof cpu holding areas?)
work on garage
Lighting project with Paul
research Alaska fishing trip with Dad
figure out how to expand/change the business (strange that the only thing here that makes money is this low in my list!)
learn to paint
learn to draw comics
learn to play guitar for real (take lessons)
learn to use final cut (video editing)
keep this site updated
get in shape (I’m 10 pounds lighter than when I last wrote, and 2 months into my quit!)

I feel like there are other things that I’ve left off this list. I’ll come back and add them when I remember. For now, how about I figure out how to get one or two of these done with and will be my progress diary.

Money and business things need to come first. PCs and office will be silent before end of October. Minnickweb will have something like a plan in place (and will visit a counselor if necessary) in about the same timeframe.

lost posts?

So, I just noticed that I lost a bunch of early posts, because I didn’t have this thing set up to archive…damn. I think it’s fixed now, and I actually may be able to find those old posts. Not that anyone but me cares…but I care.