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Your basic catch-up post

I’m not going to go a year without posting something!

I just finished doing this major revision to the book from HELL. I’m not feeling the relief that I should be feeling yet, however. Maybe next weekend I’ll actually believe that it’s done.

Work is good. We have 3 full-time people and 3 interns now. Sacramento is treating us good. We have interesting friends here now and I feel like I did when we left Austin…that feeling of knowing some people and belonging in this place. So, that’s good.

Yardwork continues to overwhelm me. The yard is so small…but there’s so much life going on in it! The problem with Texas was that nothing would grow. The problem here is that everything grows and just won’t quit! We’re being overrun with oregano.

Adams smart

steps: about 150000
listening to: David McCullough’s John Adams

I sometimes have a tendency when reading/watching/listening to biographies of smart people to take pleasure in the failings and weaknesses of the person rather than being amazed and impressed by how far above me (intellectually) people like John Adams were. I realize that this is wrong, and that Ayn Rand would have something to say about it.

too much to do

Need to focus. I have too many projects going on right now. Don’t believe me? Check out my list:

Gunrack CD (design case, print things, try to distribute)
Buck-o CD (record songs, make cd, try to distribute)
Mudflap (write songs, record)
Gangster Fun documentary project
Chris Minnick videos archiving project
Sacramento Indymedia (help get it up and running)
Green Party (do stuff I’m supposed to do as their co-webmaster)
Sacramento Theater research (I want to know about the old movie palaces in the area, and about opening a theater, I’m also making a mini-site about this)
180 Gs CD (work with david and Negland to get this done)
Motelmag.com (keep making the site better and updating)
Small Car Driving radio (do regular broadcasts)
New film (write one and film it)
find ways to quiet our office (silent PCs, better desks with soundproof cpu holding areas?)
work on garage
Lighting project with Paul
research Alaska fishing trip with Dad
figure out how to expand/change the business (strange that the only thing here that makes money is this low in my list!)
learn to paint
learn to draw comics
learn to play guitar for real (take lessons)
learn to use final cut (video editing)
keep this site updated
redesign minnickweb.com
get in shape (I’m 10 pounds lighter than when I last wrote, and 2 months into my quit!)

I feel like there are other things that I’ve left off this list. I’ll come back and add them when I remember. For now, how about I figure out how to get one or two of these done with and chrisminnick.com will be my progress diary.

Money and business things need to come first. PCs and office will be silent before end of October. Minnickweb will have something like a plan in place (and will visit a counselor if necessary) in about the same timeframe.

what happened to the future?

sigh. I’ve let nearly a month slip by without posting anything again. I’m making an effort not to think, talk, or read about politics for a while. I’m conflicted as to whether that’s a good thing to do or a bad thing…here’s my thinking: There’s really nothing I can do except make damn sure to vote and encourage people I know to vote. Living in Texas has got me feeling like I’m trapped in a world of morons (apologies to anyone I know who might be reading…you’re not a moron). Am I in the minority in thinking and caring about things that are happening outside of my living room? Where has long-term thinking gone? Does no one else see that EVERYONE has a stupid excuse for why its OK for them to drive an SUV?

2000 was supposed to be the year of Robots in our houses. 2001 was supposed to be the year of a manned (and womaned) mission to Jupiter. What do we have instead? A (p)resident who’se advocating that we use more coal, a scary rise of nationalism, everyone taking advantage of a horrible crime (terrorist attacks) to make a buck and/or justify racist thinking and state-sponsored religion. Everyone’s getting poorer except the really really rich people who are running the show. And, I’ve started smoking again! WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUTURE I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO?

So, what can we do to keep from sinking into big depression? I’m eating, buying toys, smoking, and drinking. I don’t think these are the right things to be doing. Constructive action is necessary. Stand by…


Not much happening. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about crispy-ness. Imagine how different the world would be without crispy-ness. It’s shocking, really. I wonder if there are people anywhere who go through their entire lives not knowing crispy-ness. What is that like? If such people exist, their experieces ought to be documented–quickly.

Margaret and I are making an effort to talk about things we like. (this is not related to the mass hysteria/brainwash currently sweeping the nation that is making people suddenly very happy with “Dubya”–who I still don’t think is capable of running a lemonade stand in Texas, much less this country…be afraid). Despite how it might seem on Motel sometimes, there are lots of things that I like and that Margaret likes. Crispy-ness is one example. Bowling, family, dependable friends with their priorities straight are another (1,2).

We ended up buying a video camera with our republican bribe check. I’m finally getting a chance to make the movie I wrote 10 years ago…although it’s completely different from then. Maybe in a better way. I’ll be posting movies here as they get done.

wtf? we gotta get outta this place

Well, today is as good a day as any to write something here. Events in NYC and D.C. have us seriously freaked out. Our desire to get out of Texas just increased about 10-fold. I guess being in the middle of nowhere, and a nowhere like texas at that, and not really having anyone around during a time like this has got us feeling very anxious to get away. It’s also got us thinking about how fragile our situation really is. We’re thankful that we don’t live in a big city, or go to work in a big building, and that we have each other for support. Flying is out of the question for me and Margaret for a while.

Last weekend, however, we did fly. We went to Sacramento for the weekend, then to SF for meetings. Met with a realtor and looked (in a not-ready-to-purchase) way at houses. Out of 6 houses, we liked 5. Sacramento seemed much more friendly and homey during this visit. That was nice. There are people in Austin I would miss…but all things considered, this isn’t where we belong.

I wonder if anyone reads this besides me. I really don’t write often enough to keep any sort of audience interested.